The Reading Circle 2010

The Reading Circle - Lukupiiri 2010

All is Good Between Us Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Riga. Dzirnavu 60a-21. 15.2.-31.3.2024

The Research Pavillon during the 58th Biennale of Venice, Sala de Camino, Giudecca. 9.5.-28.8.2019

CCA Glasgow. A screening Contemporary Love curated by Marge Monko 12.10.2018

Joensuu Art Museum 7.-26.2.2017

A solo exhibition Days and Ideals at Optica – un Centre d'Art Contemporain, Montréal 23.1.-19.3.2016

Kunsthalle Helsinki Helsinki, Finland. Artists 2012 1.12.2012 - 6.1.2013

Pushkinskaya 10 St. Petersburg, Russia. Antidote 17.3.-17.4.2012

Biograf, Moderna Museet Stockholm 3.3.2012

The National Art Center, Tokyo. Jury selection at the Japan Media Art Festival 2012, Tokyo, Japan 22.2.-3.4.2012

Beyond Private and Public with Kalle Lampela and Eemil Karila at the Gallery of the University of Lapland 17.10.-3.11.2011

The Reading Circle won the Honkahovi Art Prize 25.11.2010

Antidote at RSProject space, Berlin 27.11.2010–22.1.2011

S.Low Festival at 91 mQ Art Projekt Space Berlin 29.8.2010

TAKE CARE – Politics of Emancipation
Nykytaidetta Virosta ja Suomesta
Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki

TAKE CARE – Politics of Emancipation (B) -screening
at Kumu, Estonia
17.4. and 15.5.2010